New York Stock Exchange Suddenly Halts Trading

With Chinese stocks prices dropping like stones on the evening of Tuesday, July 7, some have speculated the NYSE’s “internal technical issue” might represent an effort to stem turmoil the rapid change would cause. “The Hang Seng Index fell 5.8% to 23,516.56 at the close today, the biggest drop since November 2008, after slumping as much as 8.6%,” Bloomberg’s Kana Nishizawa wrote. Hacktivist group Anonymous issued one of their infamously ominous tweets just hours ahead of the NYSE halt.

Others point to the strange coincidence of the halt nearly simultaneous with other crucial systems glitches that took down United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal.

Is the NYSE halt a false flag event, or just a simple, temporary glitch? Are we seeing the start of a genuine collapse or just another convenient distraction from more important issues.

Alex Jones took up the topic on his segment on Infowars:

Photo: Rafael Matsunaga via Wikimedia Commons



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