New York Sheriffs Defend Gun Rights Against Mayor Cuomo

New York Sheriffs Defend Gun Rights Against Mayor Cuomo

On the front lines of our battle to save our constitutional rights, sheriffs in New York show us who’s side they are on.

The New York State Sheriffs Association and five individual sheriffs have joined a court effort to block enforcement of new bullet limits for magazines and firearms restrictions.


Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond said he has no intention of enforcing the law, and that his office won’t do anything that would cause law-abiding citizens to turn in their weapons or arrest them for possessing firearms.

“I’m not going back on my personal conviction,” he said. Residents have told him this is what they want, he said, and “I’ve stood up for them, and I will continue to do so.”

Sheriffs around the country have routinely shown themselves to be one of our greatest allies against the assault on our rights by our own government.

We the people need to maintain constant communication support with what is one of our greatest allies: our local sheriffs.

Here’s a link to local sheriff’s associations where you can show your support: Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Photo: Mark S Adams


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