New York Senate Votes to Create Nation’s First “Terrorist Registry”

New York Senate Votes to Create Nation’s First “Terrorist Registry”

Following deliberation over the issue in the State Senate, legislators voted in favor of a bill to create a list of people who were previously convicted of terrorism – but as you will read on the next page, it doesn't necessarily require an actual conviction. The list, meant to resemble a sex offender registry, would allow authorities to keep track of those who have committed acts of terror in the past.

State Senator Cathy Young led the charge for the proposal, which covers individuals “convicted” of terrorism both at home and overseas. The planned New York State Terrorist Registry would require those affected to complete a registration form as well as give a current photograph, fingerprints and a DNA sample to law enforcement.

As the state where 9/11 occurred, New York is especially sensitive to issues regarding terrorism and is keen on seeing such issues sufficiently dealt with – no wonder it was the first to pass such legislation.

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