New York Now Requiring Citizens to Purchase ‘Stargazing Permit’ to Look at Night Sky

There’s been a recent dust up in the media over the truthfulness over an article decrying New York state’s requirement for stargazing permits.

In their efforts to squeeze every dime they can from the tax farm, bureaucrats in New York have devised a scheme to extort citizens who wish to use public parks to gaze upon the night sky. This extortion comes in the form of a $35.00 “Stargazing Permit.” If you are from out of state and wish to gaze upon the night sky from one of these locations that fee jumps to $60.

Shamefully, PolitiFact, an alleged fact-checking website, said this article is mostly false. Yet Snopes declared it true. This is because PolitiFact is a subsidiary farm team of the New York Times. Just as agendized, just as liberal and just as dishonest.

The simple fact is, for some time now, New York State has demanded citizens obtain stargazing permits for certain parks.
It’s wrong and its defenders are totally ridiculous. No citizen should have to pay to look up in the sky at a park that is open. The lie that “well it’s after hours and this permit you to go in after-hours…” is simply that, a lie.
 Critics of the stargazing permit Exactly right. There is no defense for charging citizens extra tax to look at the sky.


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