Has the New World Order Finally Had Enough?

Strange days are upon us. None can deny that there are forebodings that abound today and appear to be aligning throughout the world. Impeachments, rouge Parliaments, crashing Bitcoin rates, the European Union abandoning Obama! What is going on?

While all of these things, individually, could be the sign that something is awfully screwy with the world, they would normally be no cause for alarm.

Taken collectively, however, these signs could possibly point to something more devilish. Conservative author Tom Luongo sees these signs as something much more sinister than just coincidence. In fact, he states that these signs point directly to the New World Order finally fed up with the Trumps, Johnsons, Orbans and Salvinis of the world and who have now gone to DEFCON 1 in their quest for planetary dominance.

Read on the following page how Luongo believes that these current events signal the downfall of the revolution in the UK and the end of Brexit, as well as the overturning of the American elections through a coup by the Senate Republicans!



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