New Video Promises to get Donald Trump Elected President

New Video Promises to get Donald Trump Elected President

With Bernie no longer posing a problem for Hillary Clinton, young Americans on the left are banning together to ensure that Donald Trump isn't elected. There are memes all over Facebook, hate articles on the Internet, and no shortage of crow chatter in the media. But, why? Do people really know why they dislike Donald Trump? And whether your like him or not, is it really worth voting for Hillary just to ensure that he doesn't become president?

The answer is no . . . absolutely not.

Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn't deserve to vote, and if that's the type of thinking that's going to govern all future political decisions, America truly is doomed. Hillary Clinton is corrupt beyond measure. She lies, cheats, manipulates and is just about as dumb as a politician can be. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is perfect for the job. And he has a history to back up.

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