New Study: Journalists Have Lower Cognitive Abilities than General Population

Neuroscientists and executive advisor, Dr. Tara Swart announced the results of her study analyzing the mental resilience of journalist last month.

Here are the top 5 interesting and alarming observations gathered from this study:

  1. Journalist's brains operate at lower functioning level than the general population
  2. Journalist LOVE to hit the bottle
  3. Addicted to caffeine and sugar
  4. Chronically dehydrated (And here I was thinking “water was life” according to MSM journalists…. Right?! The irony…)
  5. Poor creative and flexible thinking skills

Dr. Swart shares a little more about these findings,

“A surprising result of the study was that journalists’ brains, compared to other groups, showed a lower level of executive functioning – the ability of the brain to regulate emotions, suppress bias, switch between tasks, solve complex problems and think flexibly and creatively. This was driven by a number of factors, including high levels of alcohol, sugar and caffeine consumption (41% of the journalist drank 18 or more units of alcohol a week – the recommended weekly allowance is 14); dehydration (less than 5% of journalist drank enough water, some none at all)  and limited time given to mindfulness, which would allow individuals to take a break from busy mental thought.”

Let’s keep in mind that studies can be rigged and all those other appalling methods for getting the people to buy into false information. However, Dr. Swart conducted her study independently and very transparent about her approach and letting all the raw data be released to the public. Nothing is cherry picked. Dr. Swart has gone out of her way to give her critics all the resources they could possibly ask for to try and prove her assertions wrong. And her critics can’t. All they can do is go crawl back into their safe places as fast as they can and call MSM executives with the order to ban any mention of this important study among liberals.

The rest of this study is available below the video.

Source: Tara Swart





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