New Russian Ray Gun Promises to Blind ISIS

The ray gun, which is being labeled as a “visual optic jammer” or Grach as they’re calling it, will provide cover for troops by dazzling enemies with light strong enough to block sensors and cloak human vision. Basically it blinds people and optical equipment.

The device was revealed at a military expo in Russia this week and the Navy are due to start testing a prototype later this month.

It will be used on hovercrafts, amphibious vehicles and hydrofoils but developers hope it will target terrorists or pirates in future.

Deputy director of device creator OPK Sergey Skokov said: “It can save lives and hardware and causes a strong psychological effect on the enemy, “Not only foreign navies, but also border guards and law enforcement agencies fighting against piracy on the seas may find it useful.”

The weapon could be used in Putin’s brutal onslaught against ISIS which was stepped up yesterday as Russian jets smashed 27 jihadi hotspots.

This news comes as Russia has been stepping up their fight against the Islamic State in Syria. Russia’s bombings have reportedly weakened the morale of militants and sent thousands on the run. If only that ray gun were already deployed. The people running away wouldn’t know where they were going. Grach will be tested on the Russian frigate, Admiral Gorshkov.


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