New Report Reveals How Saudis Hold US Ransom

New Report Reveals How Saudis Hold US Ransom

It's long been suspected, but shocking documents definitely reveal how the Saudis manage to keep pulling America's strings.

Granted, the theocratic Islamic kingdom partially showed it's hand when it frantically came out against the disclosure of the redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 report. That act of obstruction, which included threats to undermine the dollar's value by dumping the kingdom's American assets, frightened President Obama enough to try and block the bill's passage.

Although that affair did much to raise American's awareness of how Saudi Arabia tries to manipulate the US to do it's bidding, an incredible new report from Bloomberg shows that it's been going on for a long time.

Signing a secret deal with American officials back in the 1970's, the Saudis' agreed to give America preferred consideration for oil sales. In return, the kingdom won guarantees that it would have military protection from the US and exclusive access to US assets all protecting the confidentiality of their purchasers.

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