New Report: Germany Reeling from Massive Migrant Crime Wave

New Report: Germany Reeling from Massive Migrant Crime Wave

The latest crack in the left's migrant narrative has laid itself bare in Germany, one of the nations' hit hardest by the immigration crisis.

Quietly hidden in the pages of a new Interior Ministry report is a stark conclusion reached by the report's compilers: had the migrants currently in Germany not been able to enter, the crime rate would be roughly the same as it was in 2014.

Instead, an extra 402,701 crimes that otherwise would not have been committed have been carried out by non-German nationals and illegal aliens in the European country. Despite the small percentage they make up of the entire population, migrants account for a staggering amount of illegal acts.

These acts, mind you, are in addition to the transgressions committed when foreigners illegally enter Germany, a crime in-and-of itself. Not only this, but certain types of crime are overwhelmingly dominated by non-German offenders, with a shocking 70% of pick-pocketing incidents being attributed to foreigners.

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