New Mexico Anti-Trump Protests Turn Violent

True to form, leftists have rushed to defend the protestors’ actions, claiming that Trump’s “bigotry” excuses any excesses they committed. This explains why liberals behave so violently at campaign events for the Donald everywhere from Chicago to Anaheim: they genuinely believe that accusing a politician of being hateful justifies violent acts against said politician’s supporters and law enforcement:

“Meanwhile, Socialist presidential candidate Gloria La Riva – an Albuquerque native – said the ‘resistance’ to Trump was unsurprising given the Republican’s outspoken comments to date.

‘The violence is #Trump’s racist threats against immigrants, Muslims; intolerable bigotry diverts attention from the real problem: capitalism’ she tweeted.

‘When you have #Trump saying he will expel #Mexicans & undocumented, what do you expect but resistance?’

The riots in Albuquerque erupted on a day when the billionaire businessman took another step towards the GOP nomination by winning the Washington state primary.

The last remaining Republican candidate, Trump is expected to reach the 1,237 delegate count during the next round of primaries in California, New Mexico, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota. He has already claimed 1,196 delegates.

Trump’s campaign has now rolled on to Los Angeles where a rally is being held for his supporters at the Anaheim Convention Center.”

Source: RT



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