New Manafort Indictments Implicate Podesta and Hillary as Well

The noose is tightening in the Mueller investigation delving into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.  The question is, however, around whom is the noose tightening?

Paul Manafort has turned himself in to federal authorities after indictments were handed down by the Special Counsel for him and his associate Rick Gates in a charge leveled against them regarding alleged ties to Ukranian officials and their involvement in a money laundering scheme with offshore accounts.

Interestingly, there appears to be absolutely no link to Trump, Russia or collusion in the election.  In fact, this appears to be a stab at everything but what this Special Counsel was appointed to actually investigate.

So, what are these indictments really all about and why are links to the Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, being ignored?  Turn to the next page to gaze into the twisted and cobwebbed mind of the Leftists who are manufacturing a narrative that will hopefully (for them) lead to the destruction of a Trump presidency and a rewriting of the facts about the 2016 election!



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