New Legislation Would Force Americans To Pay A $100 Tax on All Gun Purchases

New Legislation Would Force Americans To Pay A $100 Tax on All Gun Purchases

It seems politicians in Washington D.C. will do anything to take away our guns, and they're not going to let that pesky little Second Amendment get in their way.

In their newest effort to circumvent our right to keep and bear arms, a congresswoman is introducing a bill that would attempt to make owning a weapon prohibitively expensive.

Because she has no right to actually make guns illegal, Nydia Velasquez (D-NY) is proposing a mandatory $100 tax on all firearms, and use the money itself to demonize the purchase of guns in the name of “anti-violence” programs.

But beyond the liberal politician's attempt to strip our people of their right to protect themselves, she's also putting the very people she claims to protect in danger.

How ironic that the Democrat Party, long hailed as the party of the poor, is attempting to make guns a luxury item only afforded to the rich.

Nydia Velasquez is not only attempting to undermine our country's constitution, she's stripping our nation's poor their ability to legally protect themselves from violent criminals. She's willing to exploit them for political purposes, but seems more than willing to let them die than let them have a weapon.

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