New HUD Guidelines Forces Landlords To House Criminals

New HUD Guidelines Forces Landlords To House Criminals

The Obama administration has just usurped one of the most significant rights accorded to property owners: the right to determine who should be able to live on it.

In one of it’s many efforts to redress perceived racial inequalities, the administration is directing the Department of Housing and Urban Development enforce new guidelines prohibiting landlords from discriminating against potential tenants.

In case you’re wondering, yes, discriminating based on race and gender is already illegal in the area of housing, as well as most areas of life. But as it turns out, HUD feels there is one group that is still treated “unjustly” by society: convicted criminals.

According to the new guidelines released by HUD, denying someone housing because they have a criminal record is an offense legally and morally equivalent denying someone housing based on their skin color. Ignore the fact that one is a matter of biology and one is simply a matter of behavior: to the administration, they’re one and the same.

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