New Hillary Ad: Trump wanted US Housing Crisis to occur for Personal Gain

New Hillary Ad: Trump wanted US Housing Crisis to occur for Personal Gain

Hillary Clinton is getting desperate. She is unlikable, uninspiring, and mistrusted. Her mantra at campaign rallies is “I will fight for you,” but it is clear she is only interested in herself. Even her sham marriage to Bill Clinton and her disinterest in his sexual dalliances throughout their marriage is explainable because he represented her access to the presidency, her ultimate desired prize. Her dishonesty is well known, and the many scams that she has survived may finally be catching up with her. And her hypocrisy is on full display as she struggles to overcome the quixotic campaign of crazy uncle Bernie and his preposterous Marxist medicine show.

As Hillary works to put Bernie back in the box of irrelevancy, she must also target Donald Trump and try to tar him in the same way she has done with other opponents and critics. But this time it does not seem to be working. Her shtick is well known, and it is tired and fake. The latest is an effort to call Trump greedy and a money grubber, which is a laughable accusation from someone who has spent the last few years demanding millions of dollars from Wall Street and foreign donors in exchange for phony, pandering speeches that Clinton refuses to let the public hear.

Clinton’s charges against Trump turn into an embarrassing revelation about the Clintons on page 2:

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