New FDA Rules Effectively Ban 99% of E-Cigarettes

New FDA Rules Effectively Ban 99% of E-Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration is using it's power to enforce onerous regulations that will stifle industry growth and devastate small businesses.

More specifically, the FDA is seeking to curb usage of e-cigarette and vapor products through the use of newly-published rules. If the rules are enforced to the letter, as they almost certainly will be, 99% of such products could become prohibited goods.

This is due to something called the Pre-Market Tobacco Applications process. Originating in anti-tobacco legislation passed in 2009, the PMTA has finally been formalized by the FDA and is set to go into effect in two years.

Under this process, businesses interested in producing and selling tobacco products will have to petition the FDA for permission to do so. Unsurprisingly, this entails navigating mountains of red tape and paying millions – yes, millions – of dollars before a single product can hit the market place.

This is hardly a glitch in the process: on the contrary, the whole idea is to make it next to impossible for anybody besides the wealthiest tobacco companies to get into the business.

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