New Emails Prove Clinton Foundation Used to Sell America Out

New Emails Prove Clinton Foundation Used to Sell America Out

I think we are going to run out of adjectives to describe the deplorable level of corruption inherent in everything the Clintons touch long before this presidential campaign mercifully comes to an end.  Either that or we're going to have to find another language from which to borrow more words.

To say that the Clinton Foundation is fraudulent is only to state the obvious.  This is not primarily some beneficent charitable institution set up to better the condition of humanity.  It is principally a vehicle for raising money for Bill and Hillary in return for access to the then secretary of state.  It's very simple.  Need a favor from the U.S. Department of State?  Just drop a few million into Hillary's foundation and the favor is yours.  It just doesn't get more brazen than that.  And to think we used to make fun of other countries for incorporating this level of criminality into their government operations.

Okay, to state that Hillary is corrupt is only to demonstrate that I have a terrific grasp on the obvious. What is the latest revelation? What has just come to light that she was hiding?

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