New Emails Indicate Hillary Lied To FBI

After the discovery of 650,000 additional emails dating from Hillary’s time at the State Department on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s computers, the FBI has resolved to reopen its case and reexamine the matter. This is especially grim for Hillary, as the mere existence of the emails proves Hillary lied about handing over all relevant materials to authorities:

“Before explaining why this WikiLeaks email destroys the rationale for Clinton’s bizarre legal arrangement, let’s address why the FBI allowed the subject of a criminal investigation to evade questions. According to a Law Newz piece by Chris White, Cheryl Mills claimed she learned about Clinton’s server only after defending Clinton during the legal struggle:

However, Mills could not claim attorney-client privilege covered information she learned during her time as Clinton’s Chief of Staff.  So, as Shannen Coffin, a former DOJ attorney, recently explained in an article at the Weekly Standard, ‘To fix that problem, Mills conveniently claimed that she did not know anything about Clinton’s email setup during her tenure at the State Department and only learned of relevant facts in her later capacity as Mrs. Clinton’s personal lawyer.’

For example, during the FOIA deposition, Mills was asked a question about why Clinton started using the system.  Her attorney objected to question, saying that was also covered by attorney-client privilege.

‘[Mills] — she learned this — refreshed her recollection — when she was acting as the Secretary’s lawyer, producing documents to the State Department,’ Wilkinson said.

However, Cheryl Mills didn’t ‘product documents to the State Department’ until after March 18, 2015.

Nobody knew the existence of classified intelligence on Clinton’s server until July 24, 2015.

Hillary Clinton didn’t even turn over her server to the FBI until August 12, 2015.

Therefore, if Mills wasn’t asked to turn over documents before March 18, then how on Earth was she able to state the following on March 2, 2015?”

Source: The Daily Caller



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