New Courses Aim to Make Obesity a Civil Rights Movement

New Courses Aim to Make Obesity a Civil Rights Movement

You may have seen in the news lately how Oregon State University will be offering a “Fat Acceptance” course this spring. But, that’s really only half the story. You see this latest liberal depopulation attempt has been expanding faster than the collective sizes of American jeans for the last 5 years. And you might not be shrieking the fat positive body anthem at the top of your lungs while knitting a pink hat, but you very well could already be devouring this leftist big mac covered in horse dung and not even know it.

Take it from Ms. Piggy. Oops, I mean Professor Linda Bacon. Professor Bacon takes fat shaming seriously. This California pig charmer is a professor at City College of San Francisco and the author of the fat positive bestseller Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight.

The imperative of thinness in our culture is not based on science, and it causes a lot of pain.”

You ready to learn? Professor Bacon, the facility at Oregon College, and the 2017 Popular Culture Association/ American Cultural Association Academic Conference are here to lecture us on “fat acceptance”. More on the next page

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