New Clinton Campaign Ad Aligns Trump with KKK and White Supremacists

The audacity of Hillary to claim that Trump is cozy with the KKK is absolutely rich, considering her warm history with the late Senator Robert Byrd. Byrd, of course, was infamous for not simply being a member of the Klan during his youth, but an active recruiter who started his own chapter of the hateful organization. None of this was mentioned, however, when the ad slammed Trump for being praised by David Duke:

“Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, whose endorsement Trump famously did not immediately refuse when asked about it during a CNN interview, as well as Jared Taylor, the editor and founder of the white-supremacist magazine ‘American Renaissance,’ are also quoted praising Trump in the video. The same robed Klan member remarks, ‘Donald Trump would be best for the job.’

‘Sending out all the illegals, building a wall, add a moratorium on Islamic immigration,’ Taylor said in an interview pulled from CNN. ‘That’s very appealing to a lot of ordinary white people.’

After controversy exploded in the wake of his initial refusal to repudiate Duke, Trump told Bloomberg in an interview that ‘I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement.’

The video runs just over a minute and 10 seconds and wraps with a black and white image of the White House as audio from a Trump rally of attendees chanting the real estate mogul’s name plays. The Clinton campaign video closes with a warning that ‘If Trump wins, they could be running the country.’

At a rally in New Hampshire Thursday afternoon, Trump called Clinton’s accusations of racism ‘the oldest play in the Democratic playbook.’

‘Now, I’ve not seen what Hillary is going to say, but I’ve heard about it. And, in a sense, I don’t want to dignify her statements by dwelling on them too much, but a response is required for the sake of all decent voters that she is trying to smear,’ Trump said. ‘When Democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. ‘You’re racist, you’re racist, you’re racist,’ they keep saying it, ‘you’re racist.’ It’s a tired, disgusting argument, and it’s so totally predictable. They’re failing so badly. It’s the last refuge of the discredited Democrat politician. They keep going back to the same well, but you know what? The people are becoming very smart. They’ve heard it too many times before. The well is dry.'”

Source: Politico



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