New Black Panther Ex-Chair: Finish ‘the mission’ by killing the slave masters and their families

“Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill all the slave masters in the state,” Shabazz stated. He continued, “Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill every last one and kill all of their godd*mn families. We need some Denmark Veseys today. We got to complete what Denmark didn’t finish.”

Shabazz segued to telling the audience: “We’re out of Denmark Veseys. And we need some new Demark Veseys today.”

Vesey’s plan, which was unsuccessful, was for a slave revolt. Shabazz suggested Vesey wanted to take blacks to Haiti.

Reports said the 1822 rebellion plan was to “seize Charleston’s arsenals and guard houses, kill the governor, set fire to the city, and kill every white man they saw,” according to PBS.

Word, however, was leaked, and Vesey was arrested. He and dozens of others were hanged.

The Christian Post reported that the New Black Panther Party offered the “dead or alive” reward for Zimmerman, who later was cleared of all charges for the death of the teen, Martin.

At the time, Shabazz said Zimmerman would “always be hunted and hated like the villain that he is and the demon that he is to many.”



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