New Bill to Give Illegal Aliens Right to Vote in New York City

New Bill to Give Illegal Aliens Right to Vote in New York City

The Democrat party has long pushed for expanding voter roles, including giving illegal aliens and green card holders the right to vote. Let's get real, it has nothing to do with giving non-citizens a voice in civic participation and everything to do with stealing elections by expanding the roles of Democrat voters. Citizenship carries with it certain responsibilities along with established rights, one of which is the right to vote to help determine the direction the government will take.

The Democrats are determined to cheat. And that, of course, is why they also object to having voters provide clear, certified identification. Everyone has it, be it a drivers license, a passport, or some other official document proving who you are. Democrats insist that no one will cheat, but they already do. Now they suggest that we give up altogether and just give everyone a vote, no matter their legal status. It is transparently obvious and it is laughable, but Democrat civic leaders are pushing this very idea.

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