New Anti-Trump “Resistance” PAC Supported by Kelloggs & Ford

A brand new report has been published that reveals a disturbing trend in Leftwing politics that is pushing to basically strip Donald Trump and his administration of their power to affect the safety and security, as well as the economic success of this nation.

The report’s revelations, as discovered by the Washington Free Beacon, details how a new Leftist organization known as the Center for Community Change Action (CCCA) is solely designed as a “resistance” cabal served by Trump-haters who have now resorted to pandering to only the very extremely wealthy.  It appears that their “grassroots efforts” to fund multiple organizations through small donations of everyday Communists and Socialists, Regressives and Fascists (Jackass Party members all), has failed to produce more than a few hundred dollars.  It’s no wonder, considering that many of the Antifa groups live at home and don’t have jobs.

Instead, the CCCA has targeted much more lucrative methods of obtaining cash.  Money laundering is the Left’s middle name (yeah, yeah, I know I said “hypocrisy” was their middle name in another piece, but give me some poetic license, will ya?) and they have become very talented when it comes to obfuscating where the money goes and how it is spent.  They are also very good at shielding where the money is coming from, and that’s why this latest expose from the Washington Free Beacon is so explosive.

The secret group of left-wing foundations and millionaire donors to an anti-Trump “resistance” group has been revealed to include the left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation, according to a report.

The donors to the Center for Community Change Action, a group that has funded direct attacks on the Trump administration, were revealed in a new report by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Beacon was able to obtain the anti-Trump organization’s 2015 tax documents that showed major donations from a handful of high-dollar foundations such as the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

Indeed, the largest donation came from the far-left Kellogg Foundation which gave an incredible $3,000,000, the report states.

With a donation of $2,350,000, the Ford Foundation (not affiliated with the Ford Motor Co.) gave nearly as much, the documents reveal.

Anti-American billionaire George Soros also jumped into the game with a $1,750,000 donation from his Open Society Foundations.

Some of the other foundations that donated to the anti-Trump group include the following:

$524,500 from the California Endowment
$515,000 from the Marquerite Casey Foundation
$505,100 from Fidelity Charitable Gift
$316,000 from National Immigration Law Center
$1,750,000 from the Hillary Clinton affiliated Every Citizen Counts
$1,475,000 from another Soros group named the Open Society Policy Center
$150,000 from government workers union the SEIU

There are plenty of familiar names in there, but it is important to point out that both the Kellogg’s Foundation and the Ford Corporation were founded and based in Michigan, which is the Leftwing haven for many anti-American causes.

The California Endowment is a radical healthcare “resistance” fund that advises its supporters to “take a RESISTANCE break” to ease your mind, adding the hashtag, #RiseUpAsOne.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation is a rabidly anti-White, anti-Conservative group dedicated to “mobilize communities in order to achieve a more just and equitable society for all.”  Based in Leftist Seattle, where the openly gay mayor, Ed Murray, immersed in deep controversies surrounding pedophilia, just resigned in disgrace, this foundation finds huge support.

The Fidelity Charitable Gift is perhaps the only one of these without a political angle, but more a financial angle (and you really can’t blame them for that).  They are trying to get their foot in the door of a highly kinetic organization where many high-rollers are participating in a massive operation and which includes massive amounts of money.  Their company facilitates donors to donate to one charity that encompasses a whole bunch of “like-minded” charities.  One-stop charitable giving, in a sense!  “Fund one Leftie group and you’re FUNDING ALL OF THEM!  Woo-hoo!”  Basically, it’s the equivalent of giving to any Soros, Obama or Hillary fund.

I won’t even explain what the National Immigration Law Center is all about.  That’s pretty self-evident.

Every Citizen Counts is dedicated to the abolition of the Electoral College (is it any wonder that Hillary is supporting this cause?)

The Open Society Policy Center is just an offshoot of the Open Society Foundation and the SEIU is yours and my favorite union thug group that enjoys bullying any and all Rightwing supporters.

There you have it; a complete rundown of the Left’s newest effort to Make America “Grate” Again!

Source:  Breitbart

Image: Thomas Hawk



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