“I Need Some Muscle Over Here!”: The Naziesque Professor’s Absurd Resume

A pair of journalists, Tim Tai working for ESPN and a student named Mark Schierbecker who filmed the event, were accosted and threatened by students who were participating in a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

On a day of chaos at the University of Missouri — where both the school’s president and chancellor resigned after weeks of campus disruptions by students inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement — was also a day of media censorship.

Following in the media-hostile tradition of Black Lives Matter, a student journalist named Tim Tai, who was working for ESPN, was accosted and intimidated by the crowd, who attempted to block him from doing his work. When he pointed out he had the right to be there, the mob continued to surround him and other journalists trying to report on the University of Missouri story.

At the end of the video, a woman approaches student photojournalist Mark Schierbecker in a public space. Video shows her apparently trying to grab his camera and then calling for “muscle” to remove him.

However, as a Twitter user pointed out, the woman calling for muscle is none other than University of Missouri Communications Assistant Professor Melissa Click.

Source: Breitbart

It’s almost tradition for liberals to try and censor everything they can, especially anything that might reveal what a bunch of fraudsters they are. But apparently, this group of students and especially this assistant professor felt they were embodying a noble crusade and fighting for justice, as though this was Kent State and the journalists were state troopers.

In fact, assistant professor Melissa Click’s rap sheet is like a calling card for liberal academia. Here’s just a partial list of some of her classes and “qualifications” as a professor:

1. “Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst”

The ground zero of Click’s activism. While officially a communications professor, she also made the effort to get an additional credential, not just in women’s studies, not just in feminist studies, but in advanced feminist studies.

5. “Center for Arts and Humanities Grant, University of Missouri. Awarded to support travel to attend TwiCon in Dallas, TX for study of Twilight fans.”

That’s right, in 2009 Click received taxpayer funding to attend a Twilight fan convention.

7.  “It’s ‘a good thing’: The commodification of femininity, affluence and whiteness in the Martha Stewart phenomenon.”

Click’s dissertation. Since then, she has proven to be really, really interested in Martha Stewart, authoring several papers and book chapters about her. Another standout work: “Perfecting fanaticism?: U.S. audiences’ love/hate relationships with Martha Stewart.”

8.  “Twitards and Tyler’s Van: Anti-fans, Twilight, and textuality.”

Along with Martha Stewart, Twilight appears to be Click’s chief scholarly passion. At a glance, it is nearly impossible to tell what this paper is actually about.

Source: The Daily Caller

Melissa Click is one of hundreds of post-modernist gender-questioning super feminists who somehow find the time to devote their entire beings to egregiously offending anyone who thinks for themselves.

What Melissa Click and the students tried and ultimately failed to hide was their true intent: to silence and censor whoever they don’t like in order to continue their selfish agenda against boogeymen. Black Lives Matter is just the latest incarnation of liberal-foisted political correctness, and wouldn’t it be a shame if the liberals looked like fools? Woops, too late.



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