NC State University Docks Grades For Using Commonplace Term

According the the school:
“You may NOT use ‘he’ or ‘him’ or ‘man’ to refer to both men and women,” it continues. Bishop tells students they can replace “mankind” with “humans” or “humankind,” and should write “she or he” instead of just “he,” though the syllabus is unclear on whether students should always lead with a female pronoun.
“Grades will be docked for sexist language in assignments,” the section concludes. It doesn’t specify how students should address gender identities outside of the male-female binary.

So, to ensure both sexes are equally treated both men and women should apparently be properly referred to as “it.” And although it sounds like a joke punchline a university “spokesindividual” said, “The university is dedicated to the transmission and advancement of knowledge and understanding. Academic freedom is essential to the achievement of these purposes.”

Read the entire insanity here.
‘Failure for the semester’ if you keep calling women ‘females’

So, everyone becomes an “it”?



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