Navy Veteran Ordered to Remove American Flag Wrap from His Mailbox

Navy Veteran Ordered to Remove American Flag Wrap from His Mailbox

Some matters are complicated and require a bit of time to properly address. This one doesn’t. What we’re dealing with here is a bunch of meddlesome individuals who are officers or directors of a homeowners’ association who clearly have way too much time on their hands, and who have greatly overestimated their own importance. In other words, they are a nuisance to the community they are supposed to serve.

Most of us are familiar with homeowners’ association. They are supposed to enforce the covenants that homeowners enter into as a condition for owning a home under their jurisdiction. Much of what they do is worthwhile in that they can insist that homeowners keep the grass mowed, derelict cars out of the driveway, and get approval for architectural modifications so no one erects something hideous that detracts from the value of the other homes in the neighborhood.

However, some people have an inflated opinion of their own importance, and get on a power trip because they have some trivial position. They then do stupid things like telling someone they cannot decorate their mailbox with the American flag.

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