Navy Seal Absolutely Destroys Hillary: You are an Ignorant Liar

But it's not just the claim that infuriates Raso. It's the reason Clinton gave for telling people it. Baffled by her explanation that had trouble remembering the exact incident and that her recollection was “hazy,” Raso asserts that her explanation wouldn't pass the barest scrutiny in the service, where never once in his long time in the service did his leaders ever offer such a flimsy excuse for a miscommunication.

That's the key difference between real leaders like the ones Raso worked under and Hillary. When information turns out to be false or incorrect, our military men don't get to say that their memories were “hazy.” They are held accountable for such miscommunications because the stakes are way too high for them to lie or “misremember.” This is something that Hillary will never understand, just as she will never understand the terror of combat that she falsely claimed to experience in Bosnia.



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