NASA Make Shocking Admission About Sea Levels

The past year or so have not been good ones for the charlatans promoting the climate change/global warming hoax. More scientists are stepping forward to present alternative views while some researchers are finding huge discrepancies in the data used to promote the scam.

President Donald Trump’s bold decision to not sign on to the Paris climate agreement is yet another breach in the climate change wall erected by globalists interested in redistributing wealth.

The mainstream media aid and abet the climate change hoax by not reporting stories that run counter to the agreed narrative.

Meanwhile, world-class hypocrite Al Gore is out promoting his latest nutty documentary to a global audience that’s tired of his obnoxious bloviating. Gore’s problem is most of the dire warnings he hyped in his first film have turned out to totally preposterous and laughable.

Even the most gullible among his acolytes are starting to see the magnitude of the con he’s promoted. They also see how his lifestyle runs counter to everything he preaches.

Now comes word of a scientific report that blows one of his key messages to smithereens. On the next page, learn how NASA, once a reliable partner in the hoax, has changed its tune on a major tenet of climate change.




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