NASA Admits Spraying Lithium into the Atmosphere

NASA Admits Spraying Lithium into the Atmosphere

New evidence emerged regarding NASA spraying unusual substances into the atmosphere. Officials state these chemicals are “harmless to the environment”. But the real question we need to be asking is, are these substances safe for humans?

The answer to that is NO. Maybe if people like mind-altering drugs being unknowingly released into the air both they and their children are breathing. Sadly this new NASA revelation isn’t as surprising as one might think.

January 25th, 1945, Grand Rapids Michigan. 72 years ago the bombshell information being released was about government agencies adding chemicals into the public water supply.

61.2% of the U.S. population is now dependent on public water supplies with fluoride levels exceeding the recommended maximum dosage shown to be safe for human consumption.

Fluoride isn’t even a medication. It is an industrial toxic waste byproduct.

Chronic exposure to fluoride interferes with bone formation, thyroid, kidneys and is also suggested to reduce cognitive abilities alongside neurodevelopmental problems.

So, is it any surprise that the government might also be adding chemicals into the atmosphere disguised as medicines? NASA claims these chemicals are not dangerous. But, these are the very same chemicals primarily used to treat psychiatric patients. So, why are they being dumped into the atmosphere and air we breathe? Find out more on the next page




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