Why Nancy Reagan Hated the Bushes

Why Nancy Reagan Hated the Bushes

Nancy Reagan's obvious displeasure with the Bush family began when her husband was almost assassinated by a Bush family friend. She had been heard stating “I never want to see the Bush's again” by White House staff. In 1981, a family friend of the Bush's was accused of an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

It is theorized, the Reagan's did not want H.W. Bush as a running mate during the 1980 presidential campaign as a result. Unfortunately for Reagan, Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker did not win the nomination for VP that year and Reagan was forced to work with a family he believed to be his enemies.

Schweiker was part of a select committee specializing in investigating intelligence activities, including the assassination of John F. Kennedy. As the Vice President, Schweiker would have been a nightmare for the Bush's in regards to the attempt on Reagan's life. Continue to the next page to read more of the article.

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