Nancy Pelosi Kills Obama’s Trade Deal

“I will be voting to slow down fast-track,” stated House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on the floor just moments before the vote. “Today we have an opportunity to slow down. Whatever the deal is with other countries, we want a better deal for American workers.”

Pelosi said this as perhaps a shock to the Democrats who only a short while beforehand was pleading for their support of the bill.

Despite Obama’s attempts to keep this sovereignty killing bill a secret, Wikileaks has managed to obtain pieces of the document since 2013 and has recently obtained 29 of its chapters – revealing only 5 of these are actually about trade.

Without a doubt, the Americans have become aware of the true nature and consequences of this bill as demonstrated in numerous protests offline and tremendous outcry online. Of course, those in Congress pick up on this, so we proceed be entertained with their all-familiar tap dance that seeks to convince us that they are actually examining the deal, not giving a compulsory sign as dictated by their corporate masters.

Pelosi admitted that she still thinks there is possibility that fast-track authority will get voted in. Of course there is. Tap tap tap…

This bill will be up for re-do next week. If it doesn’t pass it is only because the amount of outcry still demands more of this side show.




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