Muslims Torch Christian TV Station

Christian TV Station Burned to Ground

“We have halted our mission for the time being but we will not let our hopes die down. We were doing our God’s work and will continue to do so with the divine help,” said Javed Williams, who heads the Gawahi Mission Trust, which operates the station, together with his brother Sarfraz.

Several local representatives of the Catholic Church visited the scene of the fire, expressing dismay at the attack. Father John Arif, of the Diocese of Karachi, said: “It was disheartening to see the entire building and all the equipment burned. The channel was activated to communicate the word of God. There have been threats and now the matter is under investigation. We hope to soon see the channel again. We pray for peace and tolerance.”

“It is surprising that Pakistani Electronic media owned by Muslims have again not bothered to cover setting on fire incident of Gawahi TV when minor issues are taken as breaking news by it,” Bhatti said.

“How could anyone do this?” asked one of the workers of the Gawahi station. “I saw with my tears-filled eyes the Holy Bible’s pages blackened by the fire. How could their heart allow them to set ablaze this truth?”

In recent years the claim has been that Islam is a religion of peace, and there is a move to somehow blame Christianity for the strife in the world, often harking back to the 12th century Crusades when Christian armies sought to retake lands overrun by Muslim fighters. The frequent Islamic outrages, from 9/11, to Charlie Hebdo, to the recent suicide bombings in Paris makes that position more and more ludicrous.



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