Muslims Take Over London Tunnel

Muslims Take Over London Tunnel

Without fear of the British authorities, Muslims took over the Blackwell Tunnel in London, openly displaying jihadist sentiments and waving Al Qaeda and Islamic State Flags.

The Islamist protesters blocked the route through the tunnel temporarily trapping other motorists.

An interesting comment from the original YouTube video by user CharmingLordSausage reads:

As an Englishman, I have some bad news. My nation is dying. We are slowly losing control of our cities. Soon, the great Islamic uprisings will take place. Riots, purges, the first emirates. Entire counties will be lost. There will be no united English response because no one believes in the nation state anymore. Besides, the Left control the discourse. By 2050, an Islamic regime will be in full control of Parliament. By then, Muslims will be 40pc of the population. No amount of flag waving and marching can put off the inevitable. Enjoy what remains of your freedom. Your memories of your time in the sun will serve to warm you as we enter the new dark age.


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