Islamist Group: Singing The National Anthem, Reciting Citizenship Pledge is “Forced Assimilation”

God forbid that the person swearing an oath of citizenship should be required to assimilate to the country to which they call home. Muslims in Australia are balking at the idea and this antagonism was shared at a conference entitled “Innocent Until Proven Muslim” and held by Islamist activist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Requiring schoolchildren to sing the national anthem, and the citizenship pledge supporting democratic values, are part of an oppressive campaign by Australian authorities of “forced assimilation” of the Muslim community, a conference heard this morning..

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar told the conference the Australian government “claims to afford freedom, but seeks to impose values and beliefs” on Muslims.

Muslims were expected to not just be gracious about Australian values, but publicly promote them, Mr Badar said.

Why move to a country that is on the face counter to one's Islamic beliefs?  Why make one's home in a country that requires in order to become a citizen one must support and love the love of the land as well as pledge allegiance to that country?  Is there an deceptive factor for relocation and that is the eventual take over of Islam in these countries?

The utter disgust heard in this statement causes concern, “It’s not enough that you obey the law, no, you have to adopt our values,” Mr Badar told the conference.  The contempt in his voice is palpable and should be a cause for not granting citizenship.

Source: Jews News




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