Muslims Beat Writer and Son While Shouting ‘Filthy White’

Two more French citizens were assaulted by Muslim radicals this week, in an epidemic that has spread across the European continent.

Writer Ghislain Gilberti and his son were savagely attacked on Saturday by a group of men shouting “filthy white”, seemingly Islamists enraged by one of his novels, police in France have heard.

Mr Gilbert and his 12-year-old son were attacked in Belfort, France on Saturday following harassment and attempted break-ins. Though an active antifascist, the writer and his family have received death threats from Salafists displeased that the prologue title of the novelist’s bestseller is “jihad”.

Police are investigating after Mr Gilberti was taken to hospital with a broken arm by firemen, following a reported street attack by Salafist Muslims.

Mr Gilberti said he received blows to his back before being called a “filthy white” by four men aged between 20 and 30 years, who held him down while attacking.

The man was likely targeted because of his depiction of a fictional jihadi group in his novel The Feast of the Snake — a stance which Gilberti called “insulting.” Given their actions, that's a bit of an understatement.

Source: Breitbart



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