Muslims Attack Christians, Proclaim ‘We are Taking Over’

If there are British who don’t like that, it’s too bad for them. Their Prime Minister can dance around words and maker herself look silly by attempting to distinguish between “Islamic terrorism” which she claims she does not believe exists, and something supposedly different called “Islamist terrorism” which she does. That might sound so tolerant and understanding in Parliament, but it’s not what is playing out on the streets of her nation.

People are going to get fed up with being told their culture is bad, their laws are bad, and their religion is bad. And when migrants make it plain they are prepared to use violence to impose their utterly foreign ways on the indigenous citizens of a nation, there is going to trouble. Pushed far enough, there will be civil war.

And all the cowardly playing around with words such as what we’ve witnessed from Prime Minister May in the aftermath of the recent terror attack in London will avail her of nothing.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit London and enjoy the culture and history there, your window of opportunity is closing rapidly unless some leaders in that country decide to stand up for what it means to be British.




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