Muslim Shooting Rampage on England’s Streets

Muslim Shooting Rampage on England’s Streets

North London, a place where gun laws are stringent, had an encounter with a crazed man, clothed in “Muslim clothing”, and violently raging in the streets while shooting at four horrified teenagers.  This terrifying scene occurred around 2 in the afternoon by the Edmonton shopping center. 
A video was captured of the scene, by a man (who will be referred to as Andrew) but whose name is being kept anonymous to protect him, said that he looked over and decide to record it.  He confessed, “I honestly thought it was some guys having a punch up or something like that. There was a lot of commotion and then these kids broke out of the crowd and ran away and the guy with the gun ran after them and opened fire.”
His shocking video footage has been released and shows a man in “Muslim clothes” and four teens who were fleeing for their lives as he chased them.  The police were very late in responding and this has left all involved mystified by how they failed in handling the incident.
Andrew said, “I couldn’t believe what I was filming. I’ve never seen anything like that outside my house, I was just left wondering ‘what the hell is going on out there?’ It’s London, I don’t expect to see that sort of stuff.”    Watch his video on the next page.

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