Muslim Population Grows To Three Million in UK, Former PM Warns of ‘Trojan Horse’

Britain is now home to 3 million Muslims.

From The Sun UK:

Tower Hamlets in East London had the highest percentage of Muslims with 45.6 per cent and neighbouring Newham wasn’t far behind on 40.8 per cent.

Outside the capital Blackburn in Lancashire was highest with 29.1 per cent of the city made up of followers of Islam.

In both Slough and Luton over a quarter of the population is now Muslim with Birmingham and Leicester coming in at over a fifth.

While the left-wing political class pretends to celebrate this milestone, it has caused great alarm behind the scenes and it can be heard in their language.

From The Sun UK:

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said: “This statistic highlights the diversity in modern Britain, and the need that this is reflected in all spheres of life, from top management opportunities to political representation.”

But Lord Green of Deddington, who chairs Migration Watch UK said: “This is clear evidence of the way in which mass immigration is rapidly changing the nature of our society. The Home Secretary was right in her conference speech to point to the potential pressures on social cohesion.”

When the home secretary mentions “pressures on social cohesion”, you can bet that “social cohesion” is a subject British politicos want to tame before they become the next Germany.

Source: The Sun


Photo Source: ABNA



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