Muslim Nuclear Plant Worker Caught At Work Reading Material on Making Bombs

The Muslim employee's role as a “special entry assistant” involved him going right into the heart of the nuclear plant to help tradesmen. This could have been especially dangerous had he gone through with any nefarious plans he might have had. Police are now investigating reports of what exactly the man was doing, after they marched him off the premises yesterday.

The colleague raised the alarm, and when the suspect arrived for work on Tuesday he was escorted from the premises by security guards and plant owners, EDF Energy, had called in police.

A source at the plant told The Daily Record: “The guy has only worked here for a short time. He is a low-level employee, but has access to the reactor, where he basically helps out tradesmen working on it.”

Explaining the incident with the laptop, the source added: “One of his colleagues spotted him engrossed in a laptop on Monday.

“As he passed by, it was slammed shut, but not before the fellow worker got an eyeful of what he had been looking at.

“To him it looked like some sort of website on how to make bombs. He reported his concerns to bosses, and the guy was escorted of the site today.

“You can’t have people with access to a nuclear core having any sort of interest in explosives.

“No one knows what was going through his head, but its not what you want to see in a nuclear power plant.”

The investigation has become a joint effort between the Scotland police officers and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, who are deployed at all EDF Energy's nuclear sites to assess security problems. A spokesman said they believe there to be no danger to the plant or the public.





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