Muslim Mayor: Muslim Knife Attacks are Caused by YouTube Videos

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, slayer of bikinis, protector of terror groups the world over and NeverTrumper (British TV version complete with cartoons) has had a really rough week.  He has had to find someone or something to blame for 14 different disastrous events!

The most recent was a knife attack, twice in the span of 24 hours!  The suspect in one of the cases has been caught, but his victim still remains in critical condition.

Immediately, the mayor of London went on the defensive.  Just like a Barack Hussein Obama or a Hillary Clinton, he wasn't sure why this happened, but he “sure as heck was gonna get to the bottom o' this conundrum!”  I imagine him pumping his fist in a “Go get 'em, slugger!” type of gesture.

He almost looks like an older and tired Carl Sagan, talking about the “billions and billions” of knife attacks taking place on the streets and not a single one of us can really say where they're originating…

Except we can. Neighborhood watches set up in those areas are now confessing that many of these knife attacks are styled in techniques similar to both Somali and Congolese methods of gang fighting. They're almost always committed by young men under the age of 35 and they are particularly popular with these two ethnicities. That being said, it makes sense that the names of victims and potential suspects are generally withheld from the press. According to these same British neighbors, UK authorities tend to be very careful about letting on that the suspects or the victims are Muslim.

So, basically, he's blaming YouTube and the internet for this violence instead of maybe taking a closer look at police techniques and training, or how about the policies surrounding reporting of certain religious and ethnic groups or withholding it because of perceptions?

This guy lives under the Limbaugh Theorem about Barack Hussein Obama: He has the ability to be completely and utterly blameless when it comes to any adverse situation, even when it has been a direct consequence of the actions he's taken.

That's Sadiq Khan in a nutshell.

And I believe “nutshell” is the appropriate word.



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