Muslim Man Slaps Chinese Girl for not Dancing with Him, Big Mistake

Muslim Man Slaps Chinese Girl for not Dancing with Him, Big Mistake

When it comes to minorities, people tend to turn a blind eye to history in favor of more tolerant views. Because, well, all people are inherently good, despite the news reports, acts of violence and physical admittance that prove otherwise. However, when the opportunity for tolerance is in the other hand, tolerance becomes a word that gets stomped on beneath the feet of oppression, extremism and sloppy dance moves.

Good thing not all women are willing to accept that kind of behavior without a fight.

In a video you can watch on the next page, you'll see what happens when a Muslim man gets turned down by a Chinese girl who refused to dance with him. Apparently in the Middle-East, no means yes, and when that's not the case, a simple slap to the face fixes everything.

Not this time.

Much like when Dorothy discovered she wasn't in Kansas anymore, after her house crashed in the land of Oz and was attacked by winged monkeys, this arrogant Muslim man found out that he wasn't in the Middle East anymore, after his slap to the face was returned with several punches and a few kicks that left him dazed and regretful.

Welcome to modern times.

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