Muslim Man Sets Fire To His Mosque

What would cause a devout Muslim man to set his mosque on fire?  A Houston mosque was set ablaze on December 25 and the an arrest was made of 37-year-old, Gary Nathaniel Moore, who told investigators he was the last one to leave after praying on that day.

So why burn down one's place of worship?  One man, Nidal, Alsayyed commented:

Nidal Alsayyed ·

رئيس تنفيذي (CEO) at Inayah Islamic Finance Research Institute
Most mosques in Houston are under ISGH ( islamic society of Greater Houston) management .. It is highly politicized and recently concluded their elections and terminated the employment of many Imams (preachers).
This fire is definitely an Arson and most probably internally planned to reach some hidden objective!

The reality that most islamic centers and mosques in the United States are not properly managed and can cause a trouble to the safety of civilians ( Muslims and non Muslims ). Islamic Societies definitety stands against making America Grear Again!

Many Muslims especially The converts are angry of the injustices undergoing in these



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