Muslim Man Attacks Cops in Germany

The video of the  attack on Frankfurt police at the airport, by a Muslim man, has gone viral.  Two officers were unable to subdue the man who was kicking and beating them.  Eventually, the man dropped to the ground, all the while spectators “booed and hissed”, though none stepped in to help the police.

Frankfurt Police quickly responded to the video after it went viral in a Facebook post, urging people not to spread “anxiety” and “terror”.

“Several thousand passengers were stranded at the airport” due to “bad weather,” states the police response.

The man, described as “English” by Frankfurt Police, became verbally aggressive and threatened airport staff, forcing federal police to intervene.

The Muslim man and the police officers involved in the fight were “slightly injured,” according to police.

In Germany, tensions are high due to the number of Islamic attacks over the past ten days.  Police have asked on Facebook that the video not be shared, claiming the man has no ties to terrorists.

Source: InfoWars





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