Muslim Immigrant Yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ As He Violently Beats and Rapes Gas Station Clerk

Not only has Abdulrahman Ali committed a grave offense against an innocent woman, but his family have gone out of their way to defend him and minimize his actions, claiming that he is a “good” man who merely has mental issues. Apparently, they haven't bothered asking the clerk he assaulted whether she thought he was a “good” man. Infowars adds:

“Ali’s sister responded to the arrest by claiming her brother was a ‘good person' but that he was suffering from mental health issues.

Ali, who refused to face a judge, claiming he was sick, faces charges of gross sexual imposition, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and two counts of terrorizing.

The report again underscores concerns that the west is importing a real rape culture via the influx of refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

Rapes occurring in and around migrant camps are now so prevalent, that authorities in Germany are covering up details of incidents so as not to ‘legitimize' critics of mass immigration.

Virtually every week, new cases of migrants raping women come to light, including recent attacks in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.”

And they say Americans are paranoid for worrying about the people coming here!




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