Muslim Gang Beats Up Americans, Police Do Nothing

Instead of sending the police, Danish authorities told them that they had to come down the police station to give a report and answer some questions. Once there, they found out it was closed.

On Sunday morning they go to the police again. Unfortunately, they can not be questioned, since the investigator is sick. Twice calling officers and asking the central investigating the police headquarters take the case, but he refuses.

Our son is a time for questioning on Oct. 3 at 12. The three Americans are going home Oct. 3 and therefore can not be questioned. They must leave their name and phone number, and they will be contacted by the Danish police. It has not happened yet.

After his own initiative, our son after referral investigated very thoroughly at Glostrup Eye Clinic on October 3, and luckily there is not been no damage to his eye.

Our son and his friends ‘slap' very very lucky!

What is it that is happening in Denmark?

We are shocked and saddened that our son and his friends are attacked. It is appalling that no one is safe when, as here, just go home!

After the attack was reported the U.S. embassay, the Americans were contacted and things moved forward. However, with the Danish couple and their son, the police neglicence only got worse. This begs the question, why? Are Danish police not taking these situations seriously? Or is it a matter of religious tolerance? Either way, this is unacceptable.





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