Muslim Council of Britain: White British Should Integrate, Not Muslims

Muslim Council of Britain: White British Should Integrate, Not Muslims

When it comes to entitlement, there are several groups that come to mind, Millennials being at the top of that list, followed by groups who have made it their sole priority in life to prey off of society's fear of being offensive. And they have played that card a considerable amount of times in the past couple of years. If you look at the migrant situation in Western Europe, they individuals have gone past the point of physical violence, and yet, nobody is willing to do anything out of a fear of being offensive. Take the recent attacks at a bistro in Germany, where a group of Somali migrants believed that just because they were Somali migrants, they shouldn't have to pay.

And there's the Muslim Council of Britain who has basically confirmed the fears of every Western nation that the entire migrant crisis is nothing more than a ploy to spread Islam to the rest of the world. Okay, so maybe some people were migrating because they feared for their lives, but the news coming out of these countries speaks volumes when it comes to what some of them are doing once they've reached the West. The senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain had some interesting thoughts in response to a report by Brtain's community cohesion tsar Dame Louise Casey.

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