Muslim Cop in UK Convicted of Child Rape

Another sexual predator has been removed from the streets, a Muslim man, utilizing his postition as a cop in training and luring young girls to meet him for sex. Thirty-five-year-old Mohammad Arshad was convicted of rape, three counts sexual activity with a child, nine counts causing a child to participate in sexual activity and two counts of “meeting a child following sexual grooming”.
Prosecutor James Newton-Price told a jury of six men and six women: “He flattered girls and complimented them and sent sexually suggestive messages. Some of the girls liked the attention and may have been flattered, but if they are under 16 it doesn't matter. Most refused his sexual advances. Some thought it was a joke.  He persistently pestered girls for sex or some sort of touching or groping.”

The youngest victim was 13-years-old and he paid a 16-year-old for sex.  There were twelve girls connected with the conviction.

Arshad, of Ferndale Road, Luton, denied 22 charges against 13 girls, including rape, between April 2014 and October 2014 but was found guilty of 17 sexual offences at St Albans Crown Court on Wednesday (March 9).

It is repulsive to consider the abuse of authority this man employed to lure his victims.  The police's quick action helped to restore the faith in the department.

Once the allegations were passed to us, we were able to act quickly to arrest him and ensure he was remanded in custody and therefore unable to commit any further offenses.

The lessons learned from this case is well stated by Deputy Chief Constable Mark Collins said: “This case shows how vigilant we must all be when it comes to social media and protecting our young people from harm.

“I would like to commend all of the girls who have given evidence in this trial for their incredible bravery to come forward and help bring Arshad to justice.”

Source: Daily Star




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