Muslim Brotherhood Agent Received “Smoking Gun” Benghazi Email

Muslim Brotherhood Agent Received “Smoking Gun” Benghazi Email

Why was Mehdi Alhassani, a Muslim Brotherhood agent, on the distribution list for the recent “smoking gun” Benghazi email?

Alhassani’s affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood is proved in a document published by the Islamic Institute of Boston which is entitled, “Participants at the Citizen Dialogue Group.”

More questions: Why has Obama aided the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria? And sent arms to our “al-Qaeda enemies” in Syria?

Does 1 + 1 still equal 2 in this country? Time to wake up America!

Obama is so in bed with our enemies it should scare the living daylights of every rational American.  By and large Obama pursues a Muslim Brotherhood policy. He aids the Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. And America (e.g. CAIR, ISNA, MSA et al).

More on the Muslim Brotherhood embeds in his administration.
Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the Obama administration” (here).

As for Benghazi, there never was a video. And Libya was jihad, a well-coordinated  Islamic terrorist attack. The violent protest at the US embassy was for the release of the blind sheikh, mastermind of the ’93 World Trade Center attack.

There’s little difference between Obama and the Muslims that incite to kill and burn embassies because of an insulting cartoon.

Check out the first talking point of the Benghazi narrative, the United States is doing everything that we can to protect our people.”  Imagine the bloody gall of this animal. He did nothing while our people were under attack for hours. It was a vicious firefight — for seven long bloody hours — and he did nothing. And that is his first talking point.

 Distribution List of ‘Smoking Gun’ Benghazi Email Included Muslim Brotherhood AGENT

The ‘smoking gun’ email that reveals who instructed Susan Rice to blame the Benghazi attack on a video also exposes a recipient named Mehdi K. Alhassani. Alhassani was the leader of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), a Muslim Brotherhood front group and attended the sister mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bombers. It is a mystery how Alhassani slipped through the cracks to become a Special Assistant to the Office of the Chief of Staff, National Security Council Staff, and Executive Office of the President. It is unknown why a few hours before the Benghazi attack, Alhassani met in the White House with Samir Mayekar, a George Soros ‘fellow’ for an unscheduled visit.

Why did Alhassani receive 'Smoking gun' email?

It is obvious that as a Muslim Brotherhood operative, Alhassani wanted to blame the video for the violence that erupted in the Middle East. As reported just two days after the attacks, these forces had been hard at work on that very agenda. This aligned the Muslim fundamentalists with the Obama administration in at least one respect – each had a stake in blaming the video.

Mehdi Alhassani

As to Alhassani’s affiliations with Islamist groups, the proof is found in a document published by the Islamic Institute of Boston (IIB) entitled, Participants at the Citizen Dialogue Group. One of the participants of this U.S. State Department initiative was Mehdi Alhassani. In his bio, Alhassani is identified as a student of George Washington University (GWU) who was President of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) there from 2005 to 2006 and who served as an intern at both the White House and the U.S. State Department.

There is overwhelming evidence that MSA is a Muslim Brotherhood front.


The MSA branch of GWU has a checkered past. As revealed, former Deputy Chief of Staff and close adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin served on the Board of GWU’s MSA in 1997, a year after she was hired by Clinton. In light of what we know now about Alhassani’s involvement and Abedin’s affiliations should put closure to the smear campaign against Rep. Michele Bachmann, who was at the forefront of bringing the issue of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government. Probably more alarming is that just four years later, none other than Anwar al-Awlaki, the inspiration for Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan, would become a chaplain for that MSA chapter, which Alhassani later led.

Mehdi (C. or K.?) Alhassani

It is a mystery as to why records indicate that Alhassani has used two different middle initials and is also identified as “Mehdi C. Alhassani”. In the ‘smoking gun’ email, he is identified as “Mehdi K. Alhassani”.

In addition to a work history that includes time at the State Department and White House, Alhassani has also worked at the Arab American Institute (AAI), which actively collaborates with the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) and CAIR. The AAAN was founded in Chicago by Rashid Khalidi, who was the Director of the PLO press agency at a time when the PLO was designated as a terrorist organization. Khalidi is also a friend of President Barack Obama:

Rashid Khalidi and the Obamas in 2003.

When he was younger, Alhassani attended what has since become the much larger Islamic Center of Boston (ICB) in Wayland, Massachusetts. The ICB is the ‘sister mosque’ to the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), which was founded by convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi with the active assistance of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The ICB was constructed by the ISB for the purpose of ‘interfaith’ outreach. Today, the imams for both mosques serve on the Imam’s Shurah Council.

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