Muslim Bomb Scare Pranks Go Crazy Viral, One Creator Reportedly Gets Shot

While I'm sure that the people who got pranked weren't happy about it, this proves an important point . . . people fear Islam, and they're right to do so. This series of pranks has made the Jalal brothers of Melbourne, Australia famous on the web. Check out the videos below.

You might notice after watching these videos that the reactions, though funny, are more or less the same each time. Backpack falls, people scream, people run.

However, recent reports coming in from an Australian news site are claiming that one of the brothers pranked the wrong person and ended up getting shot in the stomach. The shooter, 31-year-old Scotty Southam is being questioned, but they don't expect him to get charged. Meanwhile, the brother who got shot is said to be in critical condition but stable. It's hard to hear about something like this and be surprised about it.





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