Muslim Beats Dutch Girl For Wearing Wrong Clothes

This young girl, in the Netherlands, is beat by bullying Islamic boys because they think she is dressed like a whore.

The Dutch girl, dressed just like we do here in America, is approached by a much bigger male youth who confronts her saying that she looks like a whore.  She rightly responds back, defending herself and her dignity, which enrages the boy.

Starting out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore,” you can probably understand the woman’s initial reaction to argue with the man. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the lighting of the Islamist’s incredibly short and intolerant fuse.

Video of the incident was reportedly uploaded online back in July of last year after taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When a Muslim man spotted a woman dressed a bit too immodestly in his opinion, he decided to go over and have a little chat with her about it.

Why does this administration not call a bully by what it is?  The intolerance and visceral hate toward women that Islam engenders is ignored by Obama, who praises this ideology as a religion of peace.

Europe is our example of what happens when one blindly, under the label of tolerance, allows an ideology to move in to the home next door.  The western culture is shocked by those who hate their standards yet we are not willing to stand firm against this barbaric ideology found in Islam.

Source: Red Rock Tribune



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